Wedding Ceremonies:

To Celebrate your union, touch your heart and soul, and inspire those attending your wedding. I will help you to create Beautiful customized and personalized vows that will bring the joy and love you desire to your ceremony.


Religious Ceremony

— Of a particular denomination (e.g. Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, etc.) or combination of denominations; characterized by formal or defining religious elements/rituals/traditions from one or more denominations.

Non-Denominational Ceremony

— A non-denominational is a ceremony this is not of a particular denomination.

Interfaith Ceremony

— Is also know as a multi-faith or interdenominational. A combination or blend of religions ranging from only some religion to being entirely religious.

Spiritual Ceremony

—  “Spiritual” means different things to different people. Most often, in a ceremony context, it is either the religious, sacred or divine feeling or essence underneath a religious element, ritual or tradition. Often it uses beautiful, inspiring words but is universal and stays away from any particular religion.


— No religion in the ceremony whatsoever, including no prayer (although a couple may have an invocation or poem that would be as meaningful to them as a prayer would be to a religious person). It is also known as a court house, notary, JP or Justice of the Peace ceremony. Kindly note that, a non-religious or civil ceremony can have absolutely as much meaningfulness, warmth and heart as any other type of ceremony. Non-religious or civil means no religion, but not “no love”.

Multi-Cultural Ceremony

— Similar to interfaith except it involves combining or blending of a couple’s cultures and heritage; may or may not have any religious elements – can be civil or non-religious, or very religious.